Armory Week 2015 News
Work by Timur Si-Qin at Société Presents.

Bad Weather Be Damned! Cold Collectors Raid Chelsea’s Independent Art Fair

Another snowy, terrible New York City afternoon (a people-watching game to play with younger fairgoers is “snot bubble or tiny septum piercing?”) was no deterrent for a flock of art enthusiasts descending on today’s Independent art fair in Chelsea. Some … Read More

Armory Week 2015
Kathleen Vance's suitcase ecosystems with running water at RockelMann&, Berlin.

A Tour of Pulse New York

The Pulse New York fair opened today at the Metropolitan Pavilion on West 18th Street. Bringing together 55 galleries and showcasing eight special projects, the fair, which is celebrating its 10th year, includes quite a few installations, an ode to Bosch’s The Garden … Read More

Armory Week 2015

Some Monsters Loom Large at the Armory Show

At the Fredericks & Freiser booth, dark and striking were paintings by Mark Thomas Gibson, a Yale School of Art grad and Kara Walker’s studio assistant. One painting, Searchlight, blares the words in all caps: “Some Monsters Loom Large.” The lettering is … Read More

Armory Week 2015 Market
Fayçal Baghriche’s Souvenir (2012) in action.

A Checklist for the 2015 Armory Show Focus: Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean

This year’s Armory Show Focus edition highlights art from the Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean (Armory Focus: MENAM), curated by Whitechapel Gallery’s Omar Kholeif. Fifteen galleries offer excellent and eye-catching selections, many, unsurprisingly, with a political bent. Below, we a … Read More

2015 Venice Biennale

Here’s the Artist List for the 2015 Venice Biennale

Nauman, Piper, Broodthaers, Genzken, Ofili, McQueen, Rottenberg among the more than 136 artists selected by Enwezor Read More

Perm-36, near the village of Kuchino in Russia. 


Morning Links: Goodbye, Perm-36 Edition

A self-portrait by Van Dyck that was long thought to be a copy has been reconfirmed as original work, and currently hangs in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. It was lent to the museum by a US collector based on the … Read More

Armory Week 2015 Market News
Potato chip bags, part of Lawrence Abu Hamdan's A Convention of Tiny Movements.

Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s Potato Chips: Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t After You

“Whisper cube, sound, 5,000 chip bags, various objects,” are the materials listed for Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s Armory commission, A Convention of Tiny Movements. On view at Istanbul’s Galeri NON as part of the 2015 Armory Focus: Middle East, North Africa, … Read More

Armory Week 2015 News

‘Who Is This New, Hot Young Artist?’ Fresh Frank Stella at Boesky

A trio of new works by Frank Stella won over a slew of fairgoers cruising the Armory Show’s opening day—even ones who didn’t know they were by the minimalist master.

Armory Week 2015
Socratis Socratous's installation, Incarnation  in the Foucs: MENAM Lounge, part of The Breeder, Athens.

A Tour of the Armory Show’s Contemporary Section

As the Armory Show’s first day starts to wrap up, here is a brief tour of our highlights from the Contemporary Section on Pier 94, which boasts 143 exhibitors, including art world celebrity sightings and works by Jonathan Owen, Brad … Read More

Armory Week 2015
Armory Show visitors with work by Nick Cave at Jack Shainman

Early Sales at the Armory Show

Halfway down one of the aisles in Pier 94, which houses the contemporary art portion of The Armory Show, Ingleby Gallery’s booth features a painting by Harland Miller emblazoned with the words “There’s No Business Like No Business.” As if flouting that … Read More

Armory Week 2015 Market
The only thing better than a Bob Thompson is a double-sided Bob Thompson. This is from 1963, titled The Expulsion—note the rather frightening, shadowy figure who appears to wield a large weapon—and is at Detroit's David Klein Gallery.

A Tour of the Armory Show’s Modern Section

The Armory Show has been open for only a few hours, but Champagne bottles are popping with impressive regularity, red dots denoting sales are appearing next to works, and gargantuan croissants are being snapped up at the outpost of Breads Bakery. The Modern section on … Read More

Armory Week 2015 News
Michael Müller's Workshop.

Michael Müller’s Pink Truth

“Oops, I didn’t know I was supposed to take them off,” said a visitor, comparing his feet to the shoeless ones of others that padded around the pink carpet of Michael Müller’s installation, Workshop, at Berlin gallery Aanant & Zoo’s … Read More

Armory Week 2015 News
Wall Mount For Vintage Furby Collections (Mint Condition) #1

Brad Troemel Climbs Mt. Furby

On Kathy Grayson’s Instagram account about a week ago, the gallerist and artist posted a detail from a new work by Brad Troemel and commented: “I guess it was only a matter of time until rock climbing grip abstraction appeared.” … Read More

Armory Week 2015 News

Leaks Call for Emergency ‘Diapers’ on Pier 94’s Ceiling

It’s easy to forget, while cruising the aisles of the Armory Show, that there is water coursing beneath our feet. It’s harder to ignore when the water is above our heads. Recent snows and a sudden March thaw exacerbated a … Read More