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    The 2003 ARTnews 200 Top Collectors

    Our 2003 list of the world’s top collectors

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    Juan Abelló
    Finance and industry
    Spanish Old Masters; modern and contemporary art, especially Spanish

    Ricardo Akagawa
    São Paulo
    Travel agency
    Latin American contemporary art

    Paul Allen
    Computer software and sports franchises
    Impressionism; Old Masters; Pop art; tribal art

    Nancy and Philip Anschutz
    Oil, railroads, telecommunications (Qwest), sports franchises
    19th- and 20th-century American art, especially Western

    Plácido Arango
    Madrid and El Escorial, Spain; New York
    Retail and restaurants
    Old Masters; primitive Spanish painting; modern and contemporary art; Chinese ceramics

    Hans Rasmus Astrup
    Oslo; Perth, Scotland
    Modern and contemporary art

    Marinieres and Sergio Autrey
    Mexico City
    Pharmaceutical- and consumer-goods distribution
    Contemporary Mexican art; Old Masters; 19th-century European art

    Monique and Jean-Paul Barbier-Mueller
    International real-estate development
    Tribal art; pre-Columbian art; modern and contemporary art

    Cristina and Thomas W. Bechtler
    Contemporary art, especially Minimalism

    Jose Manuel Berardo
    Sintra, Portugal
    Investments, media
    Postwar and contemporary art

    Marchesa Marida and Marchese Annibale Berlingieri
    Real estate and investments
    Modern and contemporary art, especially Minimalism

    Liliane Bettencourt
    Inheritance (cosmetics)
    Modern art

    Debbie and Leon Black
    New York
    Investment banking
    Old Masters; Impressionist and modern painting; Chinese sculpture; contemporary art

    Herbert Black
    Metals trading
    Modern art

    Scott Black
    Money management
    Impressionism; modern masters, especially Braque, de Chirico, Léger, Magritte, Tanguy

    Nelson Blitz, Jr.
    New York
    Industrial air-conditioning
    Prints and works on paper, especially Munch, Johns, and Picasso; German Expressionism; Viennese furniture

    Marion and Henry W. Bloch
    Shawnee Mission, Kansas
    Income-tax advisory service (retired)
    Impressionism and Post-Impressionism

    Frances and John Bowes
    San Francisco and Sonoma, California; New York
    Toys and outdoor recreation products
    Modern and contemporary art; emerging artists

    David Bowie
    London; Lausanne, Switzerland; New York; Beverly Hills; Dublin
    Modern art, especially German Expressionism; contemporary art, especially British

    Irma and Norman Braman
    Miami; Alpes Maritîmes, France
    Automobile dealerships
    Modern and contemporary art, especially American

    Anette and Udo Brandhorst
    Contemporary art

    Edythe L. and Eli Broad
    Los Angeles
    Financial services and housing ­development
    Modern and contemporary art

    Sultan of Brunei
    Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
    Oil and hotels
    Old Masters; Impressionism; Islamic art

    Barbara and Donald L. Bryant, Jr.
    St. Louis
    Abstract Expressionism, especially de Kooning; contemporary art

    Melva Bucksbaum and Raymond Learsy
    New York
    Inheritance (shopping malls); Business
    Contemporary art

    Mary Livingston Griggs Burke
    New York
    Japanese art

    Constance Caplan
    Real estate
    Contemporary art

    Gilberto Chateaubriand
    Rio de Janeiro
    Modern art; Brazilian art; ­photography

    Patricia Phelps de Cisneros and Gustavo A. Cisneros
    Media, entertainment, and telecommunications
    Latin American, European, and American modern and contemporary art; Latin American landscape from the 17th to 20th centuries; Amazonian ethnographic objects

    James Clark
    Woodside, California
    Computer software
    Impressionist and modern art

    Karen Cohen
    New York
    Real estate
    19th-century art, especially Delacroix

    Steven Cohen
    Greenwich, Connecticut
    Hedge funds
    Impressionist and modern art

    Paolo Consolandi
    Modern and contemporary art

    Douglas S. Cramer
    New York; Roxbury, Connecticut; Martha’s Vineyard
    Television production
    Contemporary art, especially 1960s and ‘80s American

    Dimitri Daskalopoulos
    Dairy products
    Modern and contemporary art

    Hélène and Michel Alexandre David-Weill
    Paris and Cap d’Antibes, France; New York
    17th- to 19th-century French painting

    Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz
    Key Biscayne, Florida
    Beverage distribution
    Contemporary art, especially Latin American

    Valerie and Charles Diker
    New York
    Native American art; modern and contemporary art

    Ulla and Richard Dreyfus
    Binningen and Gstaad, Switzerland
    Old Masters; Symbolism and Surrealism; Asian art; contemporary art

    Denyse and Philippe Durand-Ruel
    Rueil-Malmaison, France
    Inheritance (art)
    Modern and contemporary art

    Pamela and Barney A. Ebsworth
    St. Louis; Bellevue, Washington
    Travel service
    American modern and contemporary art

    Gael Neeson and Stefan Edlis
    Chicago; Aspen
    Manufacturing (plastics)
    Modern and contemporary art

    Anne and Joel S. Ehrenkranz
    New York
    Law and investments
    Contemporary art

    Georges Embiricos
    Jouxtens and Gstaad, Switzerland
    Old Masters; Impressionism; modern and contemporary art

    Prodromos Emfietzoglou
    19th-century art; contemporary art, especially Greek

    Harald Falckenberg
    Law and oil business
    Contemporary German and American art

    Daniel Filipacchi
    Paris; New York
    Modern art, especially Surrealism

    Sandra and Gerald Fineberg
    Real estate
    Modern and contemporary art

    Doris and Donald Fisher
    San Francisco
    Retail clothing (The Gap)
    Contemporary art, especially German and American

    Aaron I. Fleischman
    Washington, D.C.
    Modern and contemporary art

    Friedrich Christian Flick
    Hergiswil and Gstaad, Switzerland; London
    Inheritance (industrial)
    Old Masters; European sculpture; modern and contemporary art

    Maxine and Stuart Frankel
    Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
    Real Estate
    Modern and contemporary art, especially Latin American; ceramics and sculpture

    Anna and Joseph Froehlich
    Manufacturing (automobile parts)
    Contemporary art, especially German and American

    Soichiro Fukutake
    Okayama, Japan
    Impressionism and contemporary art

    Danielle and David Ganek
    Greenwich, Connecticut
    Money management
    Contemporary art and photography

    Garza Sada family
    Monterrey, Mexico
    Beer, glass, bottling
    Contemporary art; 20th-century Mexican art

    Melinda and Bill Gates
    Computer software (Microsoft)
    19th-century American art, especially American Impressionism; rare books

    David Geffen
    Los Angeles
    Film and record production
    Modern and contemporary art, especially American modernism

    Marsha and Jay Glazer
    Mercer Island, Washington
    Modern and contemporary art

    Ingvild Goetz
    Contemporary art, especially British and conceptual art

    Carol and Arthur Goldberg
    New York
    Investment banking
    Contemporary art

    Isabel Goldsmith
    London; Mexico City; Beverly Hills
    Inheritance (finance and minerals)
    19th-century paintings, especially Victorian and Symbolist; contemporary photography

    Giuliano Gori
    Pistoia, Italy
    Textile brokerage
    Modern and contemporary art, especially conceptual

    Lawrence Graff
    Modern and contemporary art

    Esther Grether
    Bottmingen, Switzerland
    Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics distribution
    Modern and contemporary art

    Hans Grothe
    Bremen, Germany
    Real-estate development
    Contemporary art, especially German

    Agnes Gund and Daniel Shapiro
    New York; Peninsula, Ohio; Kent, Connecticut
    Contemporary art; African art; Chinese art

    Mimi and Peter Haas
    San Francisco and Woodside, California; Martha’s Vineyard
    Inheritance (Levi Strauss)
    Contemporary art, especially Marden, Polke, Ryman, Twombly

    Jean Hamon
    Bullion, France
    Engineering and construction
    Contemporary art

    Elizabeth and Richard Hedreen
    Real estate
    Modern and contemporary art

    Ydessa Hendeles
    Inheritance (real estate)
    Contemporary art; photography

    Donald Hess
    Napa, California; Bolligen, Switzerland
    Wine and mineral-water production (retired)
    Contemporary art

    Marieluise Hessel
    Jackson, Wyoming; New York
    International contemporary art, especially since 1960

    Ronnie and Samuel Heyman
    New York; Palm Beach; Green Farms, Connecticut
    Manufacturing, chemicals, and building materials
    Modern and contemporary art, especially Miró, Léger, Gorky, Giacometti, and Dubuffet

    Janine and J. Tomilson Hill
    New York
    Investment banking
    Postwar American and European art

    Marguerite and Robert Hoffman
    Soft-drink bottling
    Postwar American and European art; Chinese monochromes

    Susan and Michael Hort
    New York
    Printing business
    Contemporary art

    Elsa and Theo Hotz
    Meilen, Switzerland
    Architecture practice
    Contemporary art

    Frank Huang
    Computer business (peripherals manufacturer; Umax)
    Chinese porcelain; Impressionist and modern paintings

    Carl Icahn
    New York and East Hampton, New York; Las Vegas
    Old Masters; Impressionism

    Audrey Irmas
    Los Angeles
    Contemporary art; photography

    Dakis Joannou
    Contemporary art

    Elton John
    Old Windsor and London, England; Atlanta
    Contemporary art, especially photography

    Bebe and R. Crosby Kemper, Jr.
    Kansas City, Missouri
    Old Masters; modern and contemporary art, especially American

    Nasser David Khalili
    Real estate, investments
    Islamic art; Swedish textiles; Spanish metalwork

    Graham Kirkham
    South Yorkshire, England
    Furniture manufacturing
    19th- and early-20th-century British and French painting

    Jeanne and Michael L. Klein
    Oil and gas exploration and ­production
    Contemporary art

    Uli Knecht
    Fashion design and retail
    Contemporary art, especially Pop and German art

    Robert P. Kogod
    Washington, D.C.
    Real-estate development
    Modern and contemporary art, especially American

    Alicia Koplowitz
    Real estate and investments
    Old Masters; modern art

    Sarah-Ann and Werner Kramarsky
    New York
    Investments and inheritance
    Modern and contemporary drawings, especially American

    Pamela and Richard Kramlich
    San Francisco
    Venture capital
    Contemporary art, especially video and film

    Jill and Peter Kraus
    New York
    Contemporary art

    Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis
    New York; Vail and Meeker, Colorado; Bal Harbour, Florida
    Finance and investments
    Old Master drawings and paintings; Impressionism; early-20th-century art; French furniture

    Barbara and Jon Landau
    Rye, New York
    Old Masters; 19th-century French painting; American modernist painting

    Emily Fisher Landau
    New York; Santa Fe; Palm Beach
    Real estate
    Contemporary American art

    Evelyn and Leonard Lauder
    New York; Aspen
    Cosmetics (Estée Lauder)
    Modern art, especially Cubism

    Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder
    New York and Wainscott, New York; Washington, D.C.; Palm Beach; Paris
    Cosmetics (Estée Lauder)
    Old Masters; 19th- and 20th-century art, especially German

    Gerhard Lenz
    Söll, Austria
    Management consulting
    Contemporary European art

    Elizabeth and Rudolf Leopold
    German and Austrian Expressionist art, especially Schiele

    Joseph Lewis
    Nassau, The Bahamas
    Real estate and investments
    Impressionism and modern art

    Peter Lewis
    Insurance (Progressive)
    Contemporary art, especially American conceptualism

    Andrew Lloyd Webber
    London and Berkshire, England; New York
    18th- to 20th-century painting, especially the Pre-Raphaelites

    Vicki and Kent Logan
    Vail, Colorado
    Investment banking
    Contemporary art

    Eugenio López
    Mexico City; Los Angeles
    Beverages (Jumex)
    Contemporary art

    Peter and Paula Lunder
    Waterville, Maine
    19th- and early-20th-century American art

    Michael Lynne
    New York
    Film production (New Line)
    Contemporary art

    Sherry and Joel Mallin
    New York and Pound Ridge, New York
    Modern and contemporary art, particularly sculpture

    Susan and Lewis Manilow
    Investments and real estate
    Modern and contemporary art

    Ida and Achille Maramotti
    Reggio Emilia, Italy
    Clothing industry (Max Mara)
    Renaissance art; modern and contemporary art

    Martin Z. Margulies
    Key Biscayne, Florida
    Real-estate development
    Modern art and photography

    Anne and John Marion
    Fort Worth; Santa Fe; Palm Springs; and Montana
    17th- and 18th-century European art; modern and contemporary art

    Catie and Donald B. Marron
    New York and Southampton, New York
    Investment banking
    19th-century European art; modern and contemporary art

    Dinos Martinos
    Piraeus, Greece
    Antiquities; modern and contemporary art; icons

    Jan and Frederick Mayer
    Denver and Englewood, Colorado
    Colonial Latin American art

    Gabi and Werner Merzbacher
    Fur trading and finance
    German Expressionism and 20th-century art, especially Fauvism

    Jane and Robert Meyerhoff
    Phoenix, Maryland; New York
    Inheritance (real estate)
    19th-century art; modern art, especially postwar American abstraction

    Robert Miller
    New York; Hong Kong; London; Gstaad; Paris
    Duty-free outlets
    Old Masters; 19th-century painting; American abstraction

    Peter Moores
    London and Wigan, England
    Soccer pools and mail-order business
    15th- to 20th-century European art; Chinese archaic bronzes; contemporary British art

    Raymond D. Nasher
    Dallas; New York
    Real-estate development
    Modern sculpture; contemporary art; Oceanic art; pre-Columbian art

    Victoria and Samuel I. Newhouse, Jr.
    New York
    Modern and contemporary art

    Philip S. Niarchos
    Paris; London; St. Moritz
    Shipping and finance
    Old Masters; Impressionism; modern and contemporary art

    Jacqueline and Philippe Nordmann
    Geneva; Paris
    Department stores
    Primitive art; Egyptian art; modern art

    Peter Norton
    Santa Monica; New York
    Computer software
    Contemporary art

    Maja Oeri and Hans U. Bodenmann
    Inheritance (pharmaceuticals)
    Contemporary art

    Arendt Oetker
    Industry (food products), real estate, and inheritance
    Contemporary art

    Sami Ofer
    London; Monte Carlo; Tel Aviv; New York
    Shipping and real estate
    Impressionism; contemporary art

    George Ortiz
    Vandoeuvres, Switzerland; Paris
    Antiquities; tribal art; 15th-century Italian art; 18th-century European art

    Michael Ovitz
    Los Angeles
    Contemporary art; Ming furniture; modern paintings

    Count and Countess Giuseppe Panza di Biumo
    Milan; Massagno, Switzerland
    Real-estate development and manufacturing (distilled alcohol)
    Contemporary art, especially from the 1960s and ’70s

    Mary and John Pappajohn
    Des Moines; New York
    Finance (venture capital)
    Modern and contemporary art

    Bernardo Paz
    Belo Horizonte, Brazil
    Contemporary art, especially Brazilian

    Ronald O. Perelman
    New York
    Finance (venture capital)
    Contemporary art

    Marie-Thérèse and Alain-Dominique Perrin
    Rueil-Malmaison and Caillac, France; London
    Luxury goods (Cartier)
    Contemporary art, especially Minimalism; photography

    François Pinault
    Department stores and investments (Christie’s)
    Contemporary art

    Ron Pizzuti
    Columbus, Ohio; Windmere, Florida
    Real estate
    Modern and contemporary art

    Véronique and Louis-Antoine Prat
    Inheritance (manufacturing)
    17th- and 18th-century French drawings

    Etsuko and Joe D. Price
    Los Angeles
    Pipeline development
    Edo-period Japanese art

    Emily Pulitzer
    St. Louis
    Inheritance (media)
    Cubism; Post-Impressionism; Abstract Expressionism

    Cindy and Howard Rachofsky
    Contemporary art

    Carol and Stewart Rahr
    Queens, New York
    Pharmaceuticals and beauty-product distribution (Kinray)
    Impressionist and modern art

    Mitchell Rales
    Potomac, Maryland; New York
    Tool industry
    Modern and contemporary art

    Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo
    Turin, Italy
    Industrial manufacturing (Sandretto)
    Contemporary art

    Louise and Leonard Riggio
    New York
    Retail bookstores (Barnes & Noble)
    Contemporary art

    Ellen and Michael Ringier
    Contemporary art

    Lee Ann Roberts
    Atherton, California
    Investment banking
    19th-century and modern painting; contemporary art, especially postwar American

    David Rockefeller
    New York and Tarrytown, New York
    19th-century American art; Impressionism; modern art; porcelain

    Sharon and Jay Rockefeller
    Charleston, West Virginia; Washington, D.C.
    19th-century American art; American Impressionism

    Inge Rodenstock
    Grünewald, Germany
    Contemporary German, American, and British art

    Elie de Rothschild
    Paris; London
    Old Masters; Impressionism; modern art

    Eric de Rothschild
    Paris and Pauillac, France
    Old Masters; modern and contemporary art

    Mera and Donald Rubell
    Miami Beach; New York
    Medical practice (retired) and real estate
    Contemporary art

    Betty and Isaac Rudman
    Santo Domingo; North Miami Beach
    Imports and manufacturing (electrical products)
    Latin American art; rare coins

    Charles Saatchi
    Contemporary art, especially British

    Sakip Sabanci
    Industrial development
    Ottoman calligraphy; Turkish art; modern art

    Kathy and Keith Sachs
    Rydal, Pennsylvania
    Business (bottle labels)
    Contemporary art

    Wafic Said
    London; Monaco; Marbella, Spain; Paris
    Old Masters; British sporting art; Impressionism

    Sainsbury family
    Impressionism; modern and contemporary art

    Ida and Pieter Sanders
    Schiedam, Netherlands
    Law practice (retired)
    Modern and contemporary art, especially sculpture; African art

    Jeannette and Martijn Sanders
    Orchestra management (Concertgebouw)
    Contemporary art, especially American

    Marieke and Pieter Sanders, Jr.
    Aerdenhout, the Netherlands
    Corporate law
    Dutch art; sculpture; American and European contemporary art

    Fayez Sarofim
    Investment counseling
    Coptic sculpture; Old Masters; 19th-century art; American Impressionism; modern and contemporary art

    Denise and Andrew Saul
    New York and Katonah, New York
    Retail clothing
    Modern and contemporary art, especially postwar American; Chinese bronzes

    John Schaeffer
    Sydney, Australia
    Service industry (catering, cleaning)
    19th-century art, especially Symbolism and Pre-Raphaelite paintings

    Ute and Rudolf Scharpff
    Contemporary art, especially American and German

    Chara Schreyer
    San Francisco
    Real estate
    Modern and contemporary art and photography

    Helen and Charles Schwab
    San Francisco and Atherton, California
    Investment firm
    Modern and contemporary art

    B. Z. and Michael Schwartz
    New York; Washington, Connecticut
    Investment and finance Contemporary art

    Marianne and Alan Schwartz
    Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
    Law practice
    Old Masters; modern prints

    Anna Marie and Robert Shapiro
    New York
    Investment management
    Contemporary art, especially American

    Mary and Jon Shirley
    Bellevue, Washington; Vail
    Computer software (retired)
    Modern and contemporary art

    Lila and Gilbert B. Silverman
    Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
    Real estate
    Fluxus-related materials; Conceptual art

    Carlos Slim Helú
    Mexico City
    Telecommunications, finance, and retail
    Old Masters; pre-Columbian art; colonial Mexican art; modern art, especially Rodin

    Robert Smith
    Arlington, Virginia; London; Villefranche sur Mer, France
    Real-estate development
    Renaissance bronzes; 17th-century Dutch and 18th-century Venetian paintings

    Katherine G. Farley and Jerry I. Speyer
    New York
    Real estate
    Contemporary art

    Blema and Arnold Steinberg
    Montreal; New York
    Investment banking
    Modern and contemporary art

    Jeffrey Steiner
    Impressionism; modern and contemporary art

    Judy and Michael Steinhardt
    New York and Mount Kisco, New York
    Investment firm
    Classical antiquities; pre-Columbian art; textiles; contemporary art

    Margaret and Terry Stent
    19th- and 20th-century American art, especially Hudson River School, Ashcan School, and American realism

    Eleonore and Michael Stoffel
    Law and medical practice
    Contemporary art, especially German

    Donna and Howard S. Stone
    Baking industry (retired) 
    Contemporary art

    Tsuneo and Eiichiro Sudo
    Manufacturing (building materials)
    Impressionism; Nihonga

    Beth Swofford
    Los Angeles
    Contemporary art

    Toby and Joey Tanenbaum
    Toronto; Longboat Key, Florida
    Real-estate development and hydroelectric power
    19th-century European art; Cycladic and Neolithic art

    Ann Tenenbaum and Thomas H. Lee
    New York; East Hampton, New York; Lincoln, Massachusetts
    Investment banking
    Modern and contemporary art; Egyptian art

    Sheikh Saud al-Thani
    Doha, Qatar; London
    Sultan of Qatar
    Antiquities; Old Masters; rare books; photography; Islamic art

    David Thomson
    Inheritance (media)
    Constable; Italian Futurism; contemporary art

    Kenneth Thomson
    Toronto; London
    Media, oil, travel, and retail
    Medieval and Renaissance art; Old Masters

    Ruth and William True
    Oil and real estate
    Contemporary art

    Dean Valentine
    Beverly Hills
    Television production
    Contemporary art

    Joop van Caldenborgh
    Wassenaar, The Netherlands
    Chemical industry (Caldic)
    Modern and contemporary art, especially conceptual; photography

    José Luis Várez Fisa
    Antiquities; Old Masters; modern and contemporary Spanish art

    Jack Warner
    Tuscaloosa, Alabama
    Manufacturing (fire products, paperboard, and packaging)
    19th-century American and European art; Impressionism

    John Weber
    Ocala, Florida
    Inheritance (Campbell’s Soup)
    19th-century European drawings; Impressionism; modern art; Asian art

    Alain Wertheimer
    Paris; New York
    Luxury goods (Chanel)
    Modern art

    Abigail and Leslie Herbert Wexner
    Columbus, Ohio; Aspen; London
    Retail clothing
    Modern and contemporary art; British sporting pictures

    Shelby White
    New York

    Reba and Dave H. Williams
    New York; Greenwich, Connecticut
    Investments (Alliance Capital)
    American prints

    Reinhold Würth
    Niedernhall, Germany
    Modern and contemporary art

    Stephen A. Wynn
    Incline Village, Nevada
    Gambling resorts
    French Impressionism; modern and contemporary art

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