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    Addendum: The ARTnews 200 Legacy

    From the first ARTnews 200.

    From the first ARTnews 200.

    This month’s ARTnews features the 24th installment of our annual “ARTnews 200” list, a comprehensive guide to the influential collectors of this year. We recently took the opportunity to peruse the ARTnews archives, to see what the first edition from the January 1990 issue looked like.

    That year marked the height of another bubble for the art world and, apart from a former preponderance of Japanese financiers (and the prominent inclusion of Silvio Berlusconi), it’s amazing how little has changed.

    Below please find the 19 entries to the first ARTnews 200 that still managed to make the list today. Naturally, this doesn’t mean that each person on the list appeared on each list for the past 24 years, nor is every entry a surprise, but it’s certainly a testament to the staying power of each person or couple.

    The list:
    Irma and Norman Braman
    Edythe L. and Eli Broad
    Patricia Phelps de Cisneros and Gustavo A. Cisneros
    Stefan T. Edlis and H. Gael Neeson
    Agnes Gund
    Anton Herbert
    Dakis Joannou
    Henry R. Kravis
    Ronald S. Lauder
    Leonard Lauder
    Raymond Learsy
    Martin Z. Margulies
    Donald B. Marron
    Samuel I. Newhouse Jr.
    Michael Ovitz
    Charles Saatchi
    Sainsbury Family
    Fayez Sarofim
    Leslie H. Wexner

    Who among the new entries to this year’s list will remain on it 24 years from now? For whom shall the new wings of museums be named? Only time will tell! Keep reading ARTnews to find out!

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