Clarion Award for ARTnews’ Leonardo Benatov Profile

(Courtesy Association for Women in Communications)


The Association for Women in Communications has awarded ARTnews one of its Clarion Awards, “which honor excellence” and “symbolize excellence in clear, concise communications,” for Thane Peterson’s profile of Leonardo Benatov, the artistic adviser for Chevreuse, France’s Valsuani bronze foundry, which has been the subject of some interesting criticisms from various scholars. Peterson explains in the summer 2013 issue of ARTnews:

“Benatov has long been controversial because his foundry has made a specialty of producing posthumous casts of work by prominent artists, either as “originals” under French law (made under contract with the artist’s heirs or rights holders) or as “reproductions” (copies allowed with certain restrictions once an artist has been dead for 70 years and his works have entered the public domain). …

“The quality of Benatov’s work is widely admired. Two French government ministers visited the foundry last year and gave it an award as a “Living Heritage Company” for modernizing its production techniques while preserving traditional bronze-casting skills in France. Among other things, Benatov has pioneered methods for producing sculptures as tall as four meters (13.2 feet) in a single continuous casting rather than in pieces.

“But Benatov’s detractors contend that there are things about him that are questionable, from his title to many of the sculptures his foundry produces.”

The Clarion Awards were founded in 1972, and are named after “the medieval trumpet known for its clarity.” ARTnews‘ is in the category “Magazine Feature Article, External Publication – Circulation of 100,000 or less – Lifestyle.”

It’s late in the day. Treat yourself. Give Peterson’s article a read.

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