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    Norman Rockwell Museum Receives $500,000 From the George Lucas Family Foundation


    Norman Rockwell Museum.


    The Norman Rockwell Museum announced in a press release Wednesday that the George Lucas Family Foundation has awarded the museum a two-year, $500,000 grant to bring new learning tools to the its educational programming.

    Located in Norman Rockwell’s final home of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, the museum has initiated a two-year, $2 million universal access campaign to bring its large collection of Rockwell’s art and archival material to larger and more diverse audiences.

    “It was Norman Rockwell’s wish that his collection be used to educate and engage the broadest of audiences,” said Laurie Norton Moffatt, the museum’s director and CEO, in a statement. “Support from the George Lucas Family Foundation brings us that much closer to achieving Norman’s wish.”

    With the grant from the George Lucas Family Foundation, the museum intends to make its educational curricula compatible with Common Core and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) standards and update its online content delivery system.

    Six million people have visited the Norman Rockwell Museum since its opening in 1962 and two million more have accessed the museum’s online collection. In addition, hundreds of thousands of children have benefitted from a combination of on-site and online educational programs.

    “Access is at the heart of this initiative,” Norton Moffatt said, “and we are thankful to our lead funder, the George Lucas Family Foundation, who understands the significance of our undertaking.”

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    • M Bologa

      My favorite artist is Norman Rockwell, so I am excited to see that the museum is getting such generous finding. However, why does the museum feel the need to develop or structure art appreciation and art education to be compatible with Common Core? Were the funds gifted to include a requirement to do this? I’m confused by the steps taken to ensure the museum retrofit the programs being made available, to include a controversial set of educational standards that many parents and educators do not support and are not satisfied with.

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