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    Who Was the Art Dealer in Madame Claude’s Stable?

    The relevant passage.

    The relevant passage.

    The just-out September issue of Vanity Fair has a fun and tawdry story on Madame Claude, “the world’s most exclusive madam.”

    The story’s print-only for now but here’s something: apparently one of Claude’s ladies included a “major art dealer,” who went on to establish herself in the gallery world “before marrying big.”

    Who could that be? Anyway, grab a copy, it’s something, this story!

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    • SandraHvar

      I became fascinated with Madame Claude in 1977 or 78 when I saw the fictionalized film about her, “Madame Claude.” It left such an impression on me, even though I was just a young teen, I never forgot it. This story was such a delight to me, because I don’t remember hearing anything more about her ever since the film.