Katy Perry Saw a Magritte Show, and She Liked It

“First things first, I’m surrealist,” wrote Katy Perry on one of her Instagrams from her visit last night to the Art Institute of Chicago’s René Magritte show “Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary, 1926–1938.”

The pop star and provocateur sung high praise for the exhibition, which traveled from MoMA. On an Instagram of the Belgian Surrealist’s 1928 painting The False Mirror, Perry urged her fans to see the show, saying, “It will blow your conventional mind & wake you up from your zombie state!” Naturally, such a proclamation was accompanied by the palette emoji.

Intrigued by Perry’s recent statements about wanting to collect art and learn art history, Rebecca Baldwin, the Director of Public Affairs at the Art Institute, invited Perry to see the show in the hopes of bringing Perry’s fans, nicknamed the Katycats, to the museum. “When we saw that she was going to be in Chicago, we offered her an after-hours tour,” Baldwin told ARTnews.

(Perry might still have a thing or two to learn about Surrealist art, though. On an Instagram of The Treachery of Images—Magritte’s sparely painted image of a pipe, which, according to the French cursive text under it, isn’t a pipe—Perry wrote, “Um… YES IT IS.” Her fans, it seems, might not completely understand Magritte either. “I HATE THE ILLUMINATI,” wrote one user in response to Perry’s False Mirror Instagram.)

After going through the exhibition, Perry took a look at the museum’s permanent collection and stopped by Grant Wood’s American Gothic for a selfie.

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  • Jack

    The importance of Katy Perry attending an exhibition i find rather absurd and am slightly confused as to why this article was ever published. To me this website provides an insight into the art world, a source of information about current situations regarding galleries/painting etc and consider the pop stars attendance to the Rene Magritte show, and this article for that matter completely irrelevant. i do not wish to come onto this website and read about pop stars and their outings on their days off.

    • SC2008

      Sorry but I disagree. Art has always been part of mass media, whether it like it or not. The idea of publicizing an art exhibit by inviting a famous person, is clever. Art, and especially Maggritte’s paintings, should not be a closed world. How can art have a dialogue with a non-existent public?

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  • SC2008

    Um, no it isn’t? Katy Perry is a surrealist. Obviously she knows a pipe when she doesn’t see it.

  • SC2008

    So basically the moderator at Artnews is present to discourage responses to the articles. A journal already with a select readership discourages a mildly spirited reply to such an article. I understand. I am supposed to subscribe to Artnews but not post. Yeah, right.

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