Oscar Murillo Took the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge,’ and David Zwirner Is Next


Oscar Murillo.


Here is a kind of creepy video of collector Stefan Simchowitz pouring a bucket of ice water on hotshot artist Oscar Murillo. “Trust me,” Simchowitz says before dumping the ice on Murillo, who is stripped down to his skivvies.

There’s a little bit of a snuff-film vibe to this, but it’s for a good cause! The Ice Bucket Challenge, which has people film themselves dumping ice water on their heads before asking others to do the same within 24 hours (the stakes are a $100 donation to the ALS Association), has raised over $13 million since July 29, according to The New York Times.

Among those Murillo has challenged is his dealer, David Zwirner. (Ice cold, Murillo. Ice cold.) Watch the full video below, or click here.

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