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Auction Houses Are Peaking, Financial Analysts Say

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Whether or not the art market is a bubble that will inevitably burst is a topic of much debate for people invested (ahem) in this kind of thing. Scott Reyburn in The New York Times today questions how the art world could be, in David Zwirner’s words, “an industry in its golden age” if the stock at major auction houses around the world has fallen recently ($41 a share at Sotheby’s, Reyburn reports, down from $53 a share in January).

The take away is a quote from Fabian Bocart, director of quantitative research at the art investment firm Tutela Capital, who tells Reyburn, “There’s a feeling among financial analysts that the valuations of art-related companies are peaking.” Maybe some valleys will follow these peaks? Or, as Georgina Adam wrote earlier this summer in the Financial Times, “How long can the art market boom last?”

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