Roger Federer: ‘I Like Modern Art’

Still from Joshua Mosley, Jeu de Paume, 2014.COURTESY THE ARTIST

Still from Joshua Mosley, Jeu de Paume, 2014.


As if I needed another reason to love Roger Federer. In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, timed to the start of the U.S. Open in New York next week, the Swiss star shares a little bit about his art interests. The revelations: he likes it modern, it helps him “to have an open mind,” but it took him a while to understand why people get into it.

The relevant sections:

Federer: When I was younger, I didn’t understand how you can get inspired by things. But then I met certain people, went to art galleries, listened to certain music. You drift off a little bit. That’s happened to me more often recently. Maybe it’s because I feel like I need more motivation and inspiration to be able to perform well, whereas in the beginning you’re so excited, a kid in a candy store. I’m playing against the guys I saw on TV? You don’t need any more inspiration than that when you’re younger.

SI: What do you like?

Federer: I like modern art. It’s been good for me to have an open mind, to not just think tennis. That’s one of the things I’ve done so well over the years: When I finish my practice, I switch off the moment I get in the car.

There you have it.

To close out this Friday, here’s a great video of the 17-time Grand Slam champion playing a friendly match against Andre Agassi in 2009 on the world’s tallest tennis court in Dubai.

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