Christie’s Auctioning Off Photos of the Abominable Snowman

John Lithgow not included in the sale.

John Lithgow, not included in the sale.

In its sale “Out of the Ordinary: The Online Edit,” which opens today and runs until September 10, Christie’s is selling photographs by Earle Shipton taken during a 1951 Everest expedition that helped fuel the rumors of the existence of a Yeti running around the Himalayas. Hey, it’s August. In these dog days of summer, why not drop a few grand on photographs purportedly showing the footprints of a legendary mountain-dwelling ape-like creature? (In what might be the greatest moment in Christie’s history, information about the photographs included in my press release is situated under the heading: “YETI!”)

Other items in this freaky-deaky online sale include “An Elephant Bird Egg” and a promotional poster for the film I Married a Monster From Outer Space. At the live “Out of the Ordinary” auction at Christie’s London on September 3, highlights include “A Steel, Plastic and Synthetic Fur ‘Energizer Bunny’ Animatronic.”

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