James Frey to Adapt Artwork

Fountain by Ellliot Arkin

Elliot Arkin’s Fountain.

The Art Newspaper reports that bestselling author and man about the art world James Frey will soon write a children’s book! Due to be published by 2016, the book is based off the artist Elliott Arkin’s A Peaceable Kingdom series. The sculptural series depicts famous artists like Picasso, Warhol and Van Gogh as garden gnomes doing various garden-gnome things; Warhol fills a kiddie pool, abdomen stitched up, while Van Gogh sows his seeds (a pun, perhaps?), and a wrinkled, grumpy Picasso mows the lawn.

Presumably, Frey’s book will include similar domestic, yet artsy scenes for the intended target of children. Frey is not a stranger to the art world; he was a co-owner of New York’s Half Gallery in 2012 when he originally purchased Arkin’s Picasso-gnome sculpture. After working on a catalogue essay for the artist, Frey decided to option the rights to the sculpture series.

Arkin told The Art Newspaper he was “thrilled to see what narrative James creates.”

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