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Artists Announced for Shaq’s Chicago Group Show

Left to right: Shaqueille O'Neal, giant chair. COURTESY OF THE FLAG ART FOUNDATION

Left to right: Shaqueille O’Neal, giant chair.COURTESY OF THE FLAG ART FOUNDATION

Basketball legend and mythical rapping genie Shaquille O’Neal–pictured standing next to an enormous chair–is curating a group show presented by the Flag Art Foundation to coincide with Expo Chicago art fair called “Shaq Loves People.” What kinds of people does Shaq love? Namely: Kamrooz Aram, Tau Battice, Dawoud Bey, Mark Bradford, Marc Dennis, Jamie Diamond, Ben Durham, Awol Erizku, Hossein Fatemi, Genevieve Gaignard, Ellen Gallagher, Ewan Gibbs, Bruce Gilden, Nir Hod, Cary Kwok, Wayne Lawrence, Mary Ellen Mark, Ron Mueck, Jeff Muhs, J.D. Okhai Ojeikere, Carlos Rolón/Dzine, Ferdinando Scianna, Martin Schoeller, David Seymour, Cindy Sherman, Malick Sidibe, Jim Torok, Mark Wagner, Corban Walker, and Kehinde Wiley, all of whom are included in the show. Not a bad list! (Insert your own “All-Star Team” joke here so that I don’t have to.)

This is Shaq’s second time curating a show with the Flag Art Foundation. The first was in 2010, with an exhibition called “Size Does Matter.” As Shaq himself says on his platinum-selling debut album, 1993’s Shaq Diesel, “I can hold my own/knick-knack Shaq-attack/give a dog a bone.” Doesn’t actually seem terribly relevant here, now that I think about it.

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