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Phillips’ ‘Under the Influence’ Auction Nets $5.26 M., With Record Sales for 26 Artists

Lucien Smith, Blazing Saddles, acrylic on unprimed canvas, 2012. COURTESY PHILLIPS

Lucien Smith, Blazing Saddles, 2012, acrylic on unprimed canvas.


Yesterday Phillips’ Under the Influence auction brought in $5.26 million across 201 lots, 56 others failing to find buyers.

The auction had record sales for 26 of the artists included, such as the British-Iranian painter Kour Pour whose Untitled from 2012-13 sold far above its $40,000 estimate at $118,750. Other artists with record sales were Jacqueline Humphries, Matthias Meyer, Jeffrey Gibson, and Carole A. Feuerman.

The biggest sale at the auction was Lucien Smith’s Blazing Saddle, which sold above its estimate at $173,000. This continues this year’s trend of increasingly high sales for Smith’s work; this summer alone Smith’s Boys Don’t Cry, Different strokes, that one time, and Double Date crossed the $150,000 mark at auction. In the Spring, the artist’s Two guys and a girl and Love Story A Woman Under The Influence both sold for over $200,000. However, the record for Smith’s work remains his 2011 painting Hobbes, The Rain Man, and My Friend Barney/Under the Sycamore Tree, which sold for $389,000 last year.

Other individual works by Jonas Burgert, Dan Rees, David Ostrowski, and David Hammons, and Christopher Wool crossed the $100,000 mark. See all the results here.

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