Morning Links: Sopranos Edition

A still from The Sopranos.

A still from The Sopranos.

After Alcatraz, Ai Weiwei will take over a stately British home, Blenheim Palace. Here are some new details there. [BBC]

“Federico Castelluccio — the “Sopranos” star who played Sicilian hitman Furio, and is a serious art collector off-screen — has discovered a lost, rare 17th-century painting by artist Guercino that’s worth millions.” [New York Post]

Calvin Tomkins profiles Chris Ofili. [The New Yorker]

Eric Fischl on art fairs: “They’re so depressing.” [The New Yorker]

Here’s an exit interview with Chrysler Museum’s retiring director, Bill Hennessey [The Virginian Pilot]

Stanford has opened a new museum, The Anderson Collection, devoted to American art. [Wall Street Journal]

The Guardian profiles Tracey Emin: “The kind of work I do, you’re not going to lose yourself. You’re going to be digging yourself up.” [The Guardian]

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