Queens Museum Calls For Manual Labor In The Name Of Art

Polit Sheer Form!

An earlier piece by Polit-Sheer-Form-Office.


In a press release issued Monday, the Queens Museum issued an open call for participants in a 500-person performance on November 3, conceived by Chinese art collective Polit-Sheer-Form-Office and titled “Do the Same Good Deed.” The act? A massive cleaning of Times Square with mops and buckets.

The Museum calls the interactive piece, “new socialism for the 21st century…right in the heart of the Capital of Capital,” and added that video of the performance will be included in the collective’s exhibition at the museum, titled “Polit Sheer Form!” up from November 2014 until January 2015. Although the Museum stated that “buckets, mops and good feeling provided,” there is no word on whether workers will receive paid leave for their participation.

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