Frieze London 2014 Market News price check

Price Check: Frieze Masters

downloadAt art fairs, the ARTnews team checks in from time to time with dealers at certain booths to hear about any sales they’ve made. These disclosures are collected in a completely non-scientific fashion and based mainly on which booths have a director or owner who is free, at that moment, to discuss numbers, or whatever they want to discuss. They are in vaguely geographical order, though sometimes they come via email (which accounts for some of the formatting quirks). Sometimes the price comes without any other details on the piece. Sometimes the dealer may not want to discuss price at all. These numbers can’t really be verified, but that isn’t to say you shouldn’t believe them.

Blum And Poe

Reportedly strong sales at their Tansaekhwa themed booth. Tim Blum: “We came here to accomplish a certain task and we’ve achieved it.” Works: $50,000-$400,000

Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Five works of their single-artist booth for Leon Kossoff sold for between £40,000 and £55,000 ($64,000 and $88,000).

Mnuchin Gallery

David Smith, Forging XI (1955), $2.4 million

Matthew Marks

“A number” of Anne Truitt works sold for between $75,000 and $150,000.

Robert Gober bent-door wall sculpture sold for an undisclsed amount, though works of his sculpture of that quality are usually between “$1.5 million to $2.5 million.”

Richard Feigen Gallery

Sold four pieces by Ray Johnson, preferred not to give figures.

Otto Nauman

“There are nibbles,” Nauman said of his $48.5 million price for his Rembrandt. “We haven’t brought any fish into the boat yet.”

Dominique Lévy

From a director: “We sold a major 1960s Enrico Castellani to a private European foundation and a group of important historical works by the artists of the Zero group.”

Skarstedt Gallery

An Andy Warhol work from 1984, based on Edvard Munch’s The Scream sold for $5 million.

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