Morning Links: Notorious Bully Edition

Not pictured: Ron Perelman.

Not pictured: Ron Perelman.

Here’s the latest on the legal war between Ron Perelman and Larry Gagosian. Perelman has spent an estimated $3 million, and Gagosian’s lawyer says the collector “is a notorious bully with a well-known history of filing meritless litigations who once again won’t pay what’s owed.” [The New York Times]

Judith Edelman, the pioneering feminist architect, has died at the age of 91. [The New York Times]

A look back at the London auctions. [The Wall Street Journal]

Here are some details about a suppressed Koons documentary from 1992, called “Jeff, Embrace Your Past.” [The Art Newspaper]

Jay-Z and Beyoncé shop at Frieze. [Page Six]

“The daughter of a famed Chinese artist and scholar claims her brother and nephew have “systematically” looted her father’s vast art collection — but the nephew says she’s the real culprit. The decade-long battle over the estate of CC Wang has unfolded in Manhattan Surrogate’s Court, where daughter Yien-Koo King has accused her brother, Shou-Kung Wang, and his son, Andrew Wang, of tricking the elder man into giving them control of his estate.” [New York Post]

In case you missed it: Paul McCarthy’s butt plug sculpture in Paris not only caused him to be attacked, but was also deflated by other Parisians who took issue with it. [The Wall Street Journal]

Here’s an interview with Sandhini Poddar ahead of her V. S. Gaitonde retrospective at the Guggenheim, which opens Friday. Some nice insights on the Indian art market too. [The New York Times]

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