The Met Plans 100-Artist Online Video and Photography Series

From 82nd & Fifth

From 82nd & Fifth.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is at work on organizing an online series of video and photography from 100 “inspirational artists” set to run in 2015.

Tentatively titled “The Artist Project,” the series will take its basis from other Met web series, like Connections, in which employees discuss favorite themes seen in many works at the museum, and 82nd and Fifth, in which curators riff on certain objects in the Met’s collection.

This news comes to us via an email sent to one potential participant, available in full below. The Met was not immediately available for comment.

Subject: The Artist Project, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Dear [Artist] –

On behalf of the Director of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and a jury of contemporary art curators at the Met, I, Jenn Sherman, producer of the The Artist Project, would like to invite you to participate in this very exciting 2015 online photography/video series.

The Artist Project (working title) will launch in January 2015 and will follow on two other award-winning web series we produced: Connections ( in 2011 and 82nd and Fifth ( in 2013. The Artist Project will also consist of 100 episodes, each featuring a single artist.

Our hope for this new series is that artists will bring new perspectives and insights to experiencing works of art at The Met.

The jury of curators has identified you as an inspirational artist and an excellent candidate for this project.

May I contact you via phone to discuss the details further and answer any questions you may have about what participation would entail? You can also reach me at the below number.

Looking forward to speaking with you.

All the best,
Jenn Sherman
Media Producer, Special Projects
Digital Media Department
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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