Soulseek: Jordan Wolfson Talks Animatronics, Arousal, Epcot With Miles Huston, Jacques Louis Vidal, Rose Marcus



Earlier this year the directors of Brooklyn’s Know More Games gallery converted their space into a very professional recording studio for about a month and organized a variety of interviews and discussions. They called the project “Soulseek,” and billed it as “a public forum for privately held or under-heard views.”

Now the recordings are out—and whoa. I have only listened to one, but it was really something.

That recording has Know More Games proprietors Miles Huston and Jacques Louis Vidal, along with artist Rose Marcus, grilling artist Jordan Wolfson pretty vigorously. Wolfson is in pretty fine form himself. It gets a little tense!

Wolfson calls in as he’s cruising out of San Francisco on Interstate 880 with his girlfriend, and gamely answers questions about his hotly debated show at David Zwirner in New York and the animatronic stripper that was its coup de grâce.

That stripper, it turns out, was modeled on the cartoon character Holli Would, who was voiced by Kim Bassinger in the 1992 film Cool World. Wolfson came across the character in a YouTube mashup that had clips of her dancing. “When I watched this video of her dancing, I became kind of aroused,” Wolfson explains. “I could feel sexual arousal.”

Did Bassinger see the piece? “I don’t know. But I know Oprah saw it. Oprah came to the show, I heard.”

There’s also talk of a visit to Epcot with Alex Israel and VIP rooms, and a little bit about compulsive masturbation. Lots of great stuff. Best to just listen.

(Full disclosure: I also appeared on one Soulseek recording, with Joshua Abelow, Paddy Johnson, and Vidal, which was fun but much less eventful.)

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