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Wayne Thiebaud Visited the Lady M Cake Shop in New York

Lady M's mille crêpes.COURTESY LADY M

Lady M’s mille crêpes.


This feels like a pretty momentous occasion: America’s greatest painter of cakes, Wayne Thiebaud, visiting New York’s greatest cake shop, Lady M. The action is documented in a Talk of the Town article by Ian Parker in this week’s New Yorker. Pretty good idea!

Thiebaud, who is 93 and still frequently plays tennis, has been painting cakes, and other pastries, for more than half a century. What does he think of Lady M’s? From the piece:

Lady M’s cakes were, he said, “too beautiful,” and he contrasted a “European-based, Viennese, fancy” tradition with American cakes from “basic neighborhood bakeries” that were guided by a principle of “slathering on.”

Thiebaud has a very pleasurable show up at Acquavella Galleries in New York through November, which I wrote about a few weeks ago.

You can read Parker’s full piece over at The New Yorker‘s website.

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