Morning Links: Kara Walker Edition

Kara Walker's "A Subtlety" (2014).COURTESY FLICKR/GIGI_NYC.

Kara Walker’s A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby (2014).


15 previously unreleased videos by Andy Warhol will screen at the Brooklyn Academy of Music with live accompaniment by members of Television, Suicide, and Galaxie 500. [The Wall Street Journal]

Ana Gamazo and her husband Juan Abelló talk about putting their private collection on view for the public in Madrid. [The Guardian]

Online art auctions never tend to go as high as their real life counterparts, this story notices, rarely over $10,000. The start-ups that run these auctions don’t seem to have a solution for that yet. [The New York Times]

More protests at the Guggenheim over the labor conditions at the museum’s Abu Dhabi location. [The New York Times]

New York’s Department of Investigation has cracked down on the food carts outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which could only be operated by veterans and tended to fall prey to “rent-a-vet” scheme. If you’ve been following the case, or simply noticed the dearth of carts lately, here’s the Times’ FOIA-aided backstory. [The New York Times]

The Journal profiles Kara Walker, who discusses, among other things, her recent show at the Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg: “The sphinx is ‘a symbol of both wonder and despair,’ the fig ‘is both phallic and vaginal,’ Walker says. ‘It can be a fertility symbol, or a f— you, depending on which way you want to look at it.’ [The Wall Street Journal]

LACMA will be getting a new $125 million building. [My News LA]

The St. Louis chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America keeps trying to sell its artifacts at auction, much to the organizations chagrin. Now two more are coming up at auction at Bonhams. [The Art Newspaper]

The Saudi Arabian artist Abdullah Qandeel is currently in jail at the moment for, over Halloween, trying to paint a mural in his penthouse at the 6 Columbus hotel. [New York Post]

Meet Vanblack the “darkest material ever made.” It’s all a little technical, something to do with nano particles, but Anish Kapoor has already signed up to use it in his work. [The New York Times]

Beyoncé visited the Picasso Museum in Paris. [Complex]

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