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Watch Record Set at Sotheby’s and Yet Time Marches On



In this era of auction records, let us not forget watches, and the people who love them. A Patek Philippe gold pocket watch from 1932 set a record for most expensive watch ever sold Tuesday night at Sotheby’s in Geneva, with a final price of $24 million with the buyer’s premium. As a colleague just said to me, “Pretty nice fucking watch!” (For the sake of contrast, that’s a little more than a 1991 Gerhard Richter that sold at Sotheby’s contemporary evening sale last night.)

But, reader, be warned, owning a watch such as this requires back-up. “This is not a watch you can wear,” an unnamed “watch-industry expert” told the Agence France-Presse. “It is a watch that symbolises strength, power and money.” Better bust out the ol’ Timex!

At press time, sources informed ARTnews that no matter how expensive your timepiece is, you still can’t control time, and one day you’ll be be dead and none of this will have mattered at all. Cool watch, though!

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