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    U2 Will Sell Its Warhol


    U2’s Warhol, New Coke, is estimated at £15,000–£20,000 ($23,500–$31,400).


    The band U2 will sell an Andy Warhol that they own collectively at an upcoming Bonhams Prints and Multiples sale, the website Art Fix Daily reports.

    The print of a tipped-over Coca-Cola can was commissioned for a Time magazine cover in 1985 but never used. How exactly it came to be owned by U2, and why it is owned by the entire band rather than one of its fantastically wealthy members, and why they feel the need to split the sure-to-be modest profits from this one print rather than let one person have it or give the money to charity are questions that are not answered in the post, but head to Art Fix Daily for more details.

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