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David Hockney Keeps a Stockpile of 2,000 Cigarettes in His Studio



Yes, David Hockney keeps 2,000 cigarettes–Camel Wides–handy in his Hollywood Hills studio because he “hardly ever [leaves].” He told The Guardian, “I go out to the dentist, the doctor, the bookstore and the marijuana store, because you have to go to each of those yourself.”

Sounds OK! “A bit of marijuana’s nice,” Hockney added when pressed about that casual mention of the ol’ marijuana store.

Point being, Hockney is 77, and cooler than you. He moved to Los Angeles full-time in 2013 after surviving a stroke and in the wake of one of his assistants dying in his east Yorkshire home after drinking drain cleaner during a 24-hour cocaine and ecstasy binge. Hockney was asleep at the time.

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