Morning Links: Napoleon Bonaparte Edition

Napoleon Crossing the Alps (1801) by David.CHATEAU DE MALMAISON/WIKIMEDIA

Jacques-Louis David’s Napoleon Crossing the Alps, 1801.


Mass MoCA is partnering with James Turrell, the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation; the Easton Foundation (of the Louise Bourgeois’s estate), Laurie Anderson, and Jenny Holzer on a variety of long-term installations. [The New York Times]

Items of Napoleon ephemera are blowing up at auction: “Oleg Antoshin, a Russian businessman, bought one of the auction’s prize pieces, a medallion containing a lock of Napoleon’s hair, for about €37,500. It was his first time bidding. ‘I’m going to wear it,’ Mr. Antoshin said Saturday, standing next to his wife, who he said had encouraged him to buy the locket. ‘Napoleon did impossible things. I think it will bring great luck in my development.'” [The New York Times]

Barry Diller pledges $130 million to build an art space and park on top of an old pier in Chelsea. [The New York Times]

The Knight Foundation and the Minnesota-based nonprofit Springboard for the Arts have launched Creative Exchange, a project to help artistS with “grassroots initiatives.” [The Art Newspaper]

Julian Schnabel has reportedly jilted May Anderson, his most recent lover, for a new girlfriend. [New York Post]

Christopher Bollen on David Armstrong. [Artforum]

Frank Expósito visits the ArtBO fair in Bogotá. [Artforum]

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