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Auction Start-Up Auctionata Pulls In $675,000 at Contemporary and Modern Sale


A Warhol print of John Wayne.


Art Market Monitor crunches the numbers on the Berlin-based auction start-up Auctionata’s first sale in New York which totaled about $675,000, which, they write, “is not a bad result for a first sale, especially when the company was able to sell a Warhol print of John Wayne for $80,000.”

Success in these areas all being relative until eBay and Sotheby’s reveal more details about their partnership, it does seem to be an okay sale. In September, Paddle 8, another art auction start-up, claimed $17.8 million in sales for the first half of the year. That figure was spread across 160 auctions for an average take-in of $111,250 per sale, though the Paddle 8 spokeswoman who gave us the number of auctions pointed out that it “can be a bit misleading for slicing and dicing this figure, as Paddle8 has presented some auctions of only a single lot, and others with upwards of 300 lots.”

Regardless, you have to assume both companies, which are eager to build reputations for themselves, made just small, small fractions on those totals. So none of this means anything, really.

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