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Laurie Anderson Will Debut New Performance at Park Avenue Armory in 2015



Music and performance artist Laurie Anderson will debut a new work, Language of the Future: The Line, at the Park Avenue Armory in October 2015, the Armory said in a release today.

From that release:

In Language of the Future: The Line, avant-garde performance artist Laurie Anderson creates a multi-media journey of storytelling told through sound, image, and action. Examining the contrast between event and memory, Anderson constructs a site-specific environment within the drill hall to present a series of cacophonous events from anthropology and history, in which audiences confront diametrically opposing ideas, situations, and images. The result is a processional of consciousness where doubt, perception, and illusion are defined and redefined in equal measure.

The release also hypes other acts at the Armory for 2015. Among them:

  • A mammoth new exhibition and multi-sensory journey orchestrated by Philippe Parreno, marking the French artist’s largest project in the U.S. to date and created in collaboration pianist Mikhail Rudy;
  • Tree of Codes, a new contemporary ballet, with direction and choreography by Wayne McGregor, visual concept by artist Olafur Eliasson, and music by Jamie xx;
  • A reinvention of the concert experience in an immersive interpretation of J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations, by pianist Igor Levit and performance artist Marina Abramović;
  • FLEXN, a commission featuring dance pioneer Reggie “Regg Roc” Gray and visionary director Peter Sellars that returns the tradition of the Brooklyn-born street dance known as flex back to its origins of creative storytelling.

Nothing short of a reinvention of the concert experience from Abramović! Still, Laurie Anderson seemed like the one to go with for the headline.

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