Fergus McCaffrey Plants a Flag in St. Barths With Donald Judd and Richard Nonas

Richard Nonas, Untitled, 2012.©Richard Nonas. Courtesy Fergus McCaffrey Gallery.

Richard Nonas, Untitled, 2012.


Fergus McCaffrey, the Chelsea gallery that will open an outpost on the Caribbean island of St. Barthélemy next week, has announced the details of its first show, which will feature work by sculptors Donald Judd and Richard Nonas.

St. Barths has long been a haven for the very wealthy, and Larry Gagosian, who owns a home on the island, has held shows at the Eden Rock Gallery, which runs out of a luxury hotel from mid-October to the end of August each year. But McCaffrey, when we caught up with him recently at the Independent Projects art fair earlier this month, called his new shop the “first permanent gallery in St. Barths with an international footing.”

He went on to describe St. Barths as “really this extraordinary artist colony that developed in the late ’60s,” and noted that the island had been a popular hangout for artists like Ellsworth Kelly and Cy Twombly, whose later work included landscape photographs of the island. (Some of those photographs were included in a 2012 show at Gagosian Gallery in London—ol’ Lare-bear is clearly a fan of this place.)

McCaffrey’s gallery is 600 square feet and located in the town of Gustavia. The gallery scene in St. Barths is probably best described as nascent, but McCaffrey is hopeful.

“I’m sure there will be more to follow,” he said. “We are pioneers.”

“You’ve also got a nice group collectors who have homes there,” he added. Can’t hurt!

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