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Artist Accuses Shell of Ripping Off His Work in Ads

Artist Kurt Perschke. Photograph: Charles Platiau/Reuters/Corbis

Artist Kurt Perschke.


The artist Kurt Perschke, who for the past 13 years has been placing 15 foot red balls in unexpected public spaces as part of his RedBall project, has accused the oil company Shell of pilfering his idea for their latest billboard campaign, The Guardian reports today.

The Shell ad, which features giant red balls placed in locations like Trafalgar Square and next to the Forth bridge in Scotland, runs with the tagline “Imagine capturing this much CO2 every day.”

“Even though it might seem that a ball would be a ball would be ball, [my] red ball is specific in the way it is constructed and built and these graphics that they have created are spot on,” Perschke told The Guardian.

Representatives from Shell countered with a statement of their own, saying, “(The Shell program) is intended to help consumers understand through a simple visual representation the importance of capturing CO2 for a better energy future.”

Perschke, who last year won a legal case against the French company Edenred for a similar red ball-related advertising issue, has not yet decided if he will press charges.

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