Vice Picks Up Glenn O’Brien’s New ‘TV Party’


Glenn O’Brien.


The Vice media network has picked up Glenn O’Brien’s new iteration of TV Party, O’Brien said in a phone call today.

O’Brien described the partnership, which will distribute the three episodes that he’s already filmed on Vice’s YouTube channel, as a “casual, handshake” agreement, though he’s hoping to join them on the cable network they may purchase in the near future.

Though certainly party-like, the original show was basically a public access talk show. This new iteration is much more an actual party, and the three episodes in the can were shot at blowouts at MoMA Ps1, Le Baron New York, and Lafayette House.

The deal will naturally help O’Brien fund more episodes too.

“I don’t know how many I would be comfortable doing in a year, maybe monthly seems too difficult,” he said, but from one night we actually get a lot of stuff, so I don’t know. We kind of have done four in one year, we could have done maybe five. We got a ton of stuff from those shoots.”

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