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New York Botanical Garden Is Re-Creating Frida Kahlo’s Studio

Gisèle Freund, Frida in the Garden, Casa Azul, 1951.COURTESY THROCKMORTON FINE ARTS

Gisèle Freund, Frida in the Garden, Casa Azul, 1951.


The New York Botanical Garden is organizing a solo show of work by Frida Kahlo, focusing on her use of flora in her paintings, which will include a re-creation of her garden and studio at the Casa Azul in Mexico. About a dozen drawings and paintings will be on view. It is being touted as Kahlo’s “first NYC solo presentation…in more than 25 years.”

Adriana Zavala, an art historian specializing in Latin American art and the show’s curator, said in a statement, “The research that has gone into building this multifaceted project demonstrates that Kahlo’s life, her times, and her work were, like the natural world itself, a crossroads of transcultural influences.”

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