Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Market parties

Art Goes Off the Record and Off the Rails at the W

Courtesy Neil Rasmus / BFA


Women in one-piece bathing suits and illuminated lampshades welcomed visitors to the Dom Pérignon-sponsored after-party for Aby Rosen’s dinner at Wall, the club in the W South Beach, last night, which, despite having a color-coded wristband entry system, still left many lined up out the door.

(Most agreed however, that the party was not as good as last year’s, because the line for last year’s had been longer.)

Inside Wall green lasers shot everywhere and woman in Tron-like costumes posed with LED-light-infused bottles of Dom.

The teeth-rattling bass prevented any sort of conversation, but people weren’t that eager to talk anyway. “I’m not doing any press tonight,” said Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, and said that he had noticed all the people using Instagram around him, yes. When asked for a quote, Larry Gagosian took a break from slow jamming to put two fingers to the side of his head like a gun and shoot himself.

The top of the banquette was the place to be even if it seemed at times perfunctory, and maybe a little retro. That was where Nicky Hilton, and Paris (in heart-shaped sunglasses), spent most of their time. Wiz Khalifa and his entourage didn’t last long enough to make it to the banquettes, and declined comment.

“Sorry,” a woman said as her date literally stumbled to the bar. “He’s had a bit too much to drink.”

“He’s also one of the owners,” she said, though wasn’t specific as to whether that meant of the bar, the hotel, the champagne brand, or, well, it could have been anything.

“Yeah Nathan,” Owen Wilson shouted across the bar, to an older man, who struggled to light a cigarette. “YEEEEEAH NATHAN,” Wilson yelled once he lit it. (He was not doing any press.)

Metropolitan Museum of Art Director Thomas Campbell also declined comment, but did not decline an invitation to take off his glasses and dance on the banquette for the better part of an hour, occasionally cooling himself down with a hand fan.

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