• Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Market

    ARTnews’ Complete 2014 Art Basel Miami Beach Coverage

    A Miami Beach postcard from 1964.1950SUNLIMITED/FLICKR

    A Miami Beach postcard from 1964.


    Below, a continuously updated list of ARTnews’ reports from Art Basel Miami Beach.

    Art Basel Miami Beach
    A Tour of Art Basel Miami Beach 2014
    Copleys Are All Over Miami Basel
    Naptime With Marina Abramovic
    Liz Glynn and Dawn Kasper Perform at the Opening of Art Public
    Everyone Loves Roni Horn (Too Much, Actually)
    Naomi Fisher Offers Dancers, Coconuts, Dancarchy
    PSA: Somebody Get Beyoncé to Gavin Brown’s Booth
    Cibelle Cavalli Bastos Goes Back to the Future
    Price Check

    NADA Miami Beach
    ‘Selling Like Hot Cakes’: A Tour of the Fair
    A Room of One’s Own: Grand Century Brings the Fair Upstairs
    Beats by Dr. Dre
    Tcherepnin Wins the Artadia Prize

    Exhibitions and Other Fairs
    Peter Marino at the Bass: Buyer Beware
    ‘Cafe Dolly: Picabia, Schnabel, Willumsen’ at the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale
    Richard Prince at Mana Contemporary
    Meyer Vaisman at the Rubell Collection

    Design Miami/
    Childhood Rivals and Leather Daddies

    Parties and Performances and Panels
    Ryan McNamara’s ‘ME3M’
    TV Party Does Miami
    Freeman/Lowe at Edition
    At the Wall
    Flyboarding at the Pérez
    The Instagram Panel

    A Concise Guide to Miami Art Fairs
    A List of Things at Art Basel Miami Beach That I Don’t Like
    What to Expect at Art Basel Miami Beach, Based on Out-of-Context Quotes From Party Invitations

    Art Basel Miami Beach: Part 1
    Art Basel Miami Beach: Part 2
    Art Basel Miami Beach: Part 3
    Art Basel Miami Beach: Part 4
    Art Basel Miami Beach: Part 5
    NADA Miami Beach: Part 1
    NADA Miami Beach: Part 2
    NADA Miami Beach: Part 3

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