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Meyer Vaisman: If I Still Owned Work in Rubell Collection ‘I Would Destroy It’

The work.

The work.

Right now, the Rubell Family Collection in Miami is hosting an exhibition called “To Have and to Hold,” toasting the 50 years that Don and Mera Rubell have been married and collecting art. It features work from their holdings by a pretty serious selection of major artists—most of them male. Thankfully, there are also works by a few by names that one doesn’t see quite so often in these rich, blue-chip environments, like 1980s Neo-Geo artist Meyer Vaisman, who’s represented by the 1988 work The Look Alike (pictured above).

A fair number of the works in the show include statements by the artists, discussing the pieces from the vantage point of the present, and most of them are pretty interesting. David Salle, for instance, admits that he no longer has any idea what the title of his 1980 painting Rainy Night in the Rubber City means. Vaisman also penned one, and explains that he made the work “in the happy—take anything you want ’80s.” It is, he writes, “joyful—and very sleazy—Las Vegas-like.” He then goes on to note that he has become a very religious Jew, and quotes a bit of the Torah. (The full statement follows below.)

He ends with this intriguing bit: “Just one finishing note: Today, if I had The Look Alike in my possession I would destroy it.”

So, collectors, watch your Meyer Vaismans closely when Meyer Vaisman comes around.

The label.

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