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Nástio Mosquito and Carlos Motta Split 2014 Future Generation Art Prize

Victor Pinchuk speaking at the Future Generation Art Prize.

Victor Pinchuk speaking at the Future Generation Art Prize.

Last Saturday in Kiev, Angolan artist Nástio Mosquito and Colombian artist Carlos Motta were chosen out of a short-list of 20 artists as split winners of outspoken Ukrainian collector Victor Pinchuk’s 2014 Future Generation Art Prize, taking home $30,000 in cash and $20,000 to produce new work, The Art Newspaper reports today.

For the competition, Motta exhibited his Nefandus video trilogy, shown alongside photographs, drawings, and a large sculpted penis, while Mosquito presented his video Let Me Kiss Your Butt Cheek!, which starred the artist and implored the audience to experience the piece sitting on cushions adorned with Mosquito’s face.

The awards ceremony for the third-annual prize took place at the Victor Pinchuk Foundation-funded PinchukArtCenter (where both winners will stage exhibitions in 2015) and featured a rousing speech from Pinchuk himself.

“Repressive regimes hate contemporary art,” Pinchuk stated. “They fear it. They forbid it. They want to control, whereas contemporary art liberates. They want robots, they want ants. At the Pinchuk Centre we make arts, not ants.”

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