Prospect Biennial in New Orleans Is Now Officially a Triennial

Tavares Strachan's "You Belong Here, on view at Prospect 3.

Tavares Strachan’s You Belong Here, on view at Prospect 3.

New Orleans’ Prospect biennial, which is now in its third iteration and has never actually been held biennially, has been “officially” changed to a triennial, according to the festival’s board of directors. The fourth edition will be held in 2017. “Board leaders are confident that this transition from a biennial to a scheduled triennial will allow Prospect New Orleans to reach its full potential as a leading international art exhibition,” a press release said today.

Brooke Davis Anderson, Prospect’s executive director, said in a statement, referring to the citywide exhibition’s frequent delays in programming since its start in 2008, “Prospect New Orleans has, in essence, been a ‘triennial’ all along so it seems right to embrace the rhythm we know we can implement successfully.”

“Prospect.3: Notes for Now” in on view in New Orleans through January 25 and it’s great.

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