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Rich Artist Designs Book Cover for Rich Man

The Jeff Koons cover.

The Jeff Koons cover.

Today, in the Department of Things You Could Have Seen From a Million Miles Away, Jeff Koons has designed the cover for film producer Brian Grazer’s book, A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life. Sure would like to know that secret now because my life is so small! (Alas, the pub date is April 7, 2015.)

The book is based on Grazer’s so-called “curiosity conversations,” which he has engaged in for many years with other rich people whose lives are most assuredly very big. In a statement published on Media Bistro’s Galleycat blog, Grazer said:

“[Koons’s] pieces have always spoken to me – they are suffused with positivity. My curiosity conversation with him was one of the earliest and most memorable I’ve had, and I remember being especially struck by how generous and genuinely interested he was, in everything. Curiosity is a very natural thing for him – it is the foundation of his work, and his energy as a human being.”

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