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Pete Wells: The Average Markup for Wine at Larry Gagosian’s Kappo Masa Restaurant is 200 to 300 Percent


Masayoshi Takayama.


In his review of the Upper East Side’s Kappo Masa, a sushi joint owned by chef Masayoshi Takayama and dealer Larry Gagosian, Pete Wells, the restaurant critic for The New York Times, spends quite a lot of time discussing the obscene markups in prices for food and wine (200 to 300 percent, instead of the typical 150) at the restaurant. He concludes, “It doesn’t seem possible that Mr. Gagosian and Mr. Takayama just made up these prices out of thin air, diabolically chortling like Batman villains, late one evening at Masa.”

To which I can only respond: respectfully disagree, Pete Wells, and welcome to the art world, where it only takes a few seconds for everyone to start looking like The Riddler, eagerly holding bulging burlap sacks with money signs embroidered on them in each hand.

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