Rain Room to Come to Shanghai, Singapore

The Rain Room, courtesy The Museum of Modern Art

The Rain Room.


At a panel discussion on Thursday at the Art Stage Singapore fair, Indonesian-Chinese collector Budi Tek announced that he will bring the Rain Room to his eight-month-old private museum in Shanghai in September.

An installation created in 2012 by the art collective Random International, the Rain Room, although it received mixed reviews from critics, was a huge hit with visitors when it was shown at MoMA in May 2013 as part of the exhibition “EXPO 1: New York.” In the installation water, seemingly magically, falls everywhere except on visitors. At MoMA the Rain Room, to which only ten people were admitted at a time, generated hours-long lines and hundreds of posts on social media. Before it landed in New York, the Room was shown in London where, according to The New York Times, people waited as long as 12 hours to see it.

Tek, who said he has acquired the Rain Room, said his Yuz Museum will be getting an even bigger version of the room than MoMA’s, a 150 square meter version. He added that after its display in Shanghai the Rain Room will be shown in Singapore, in 2017, though he did not offer details on where in the city/state it will appear.

At the same panel discussion, part of a series co-hosted by Art Stage Singapore and ARTnews magazine, Tek announced a handful of highly ambitious upcoming exhibitions for his Shanghai museum, including a major Giacometti exhibition planned for March 2016 in collaboration with the Giacometti Foundation, as well as the exhibition “Pablo Picasso and Contemporary,” scheduled for September 2017 and organized in collaboration with the Picasso Museum in Paris. The latter show is to include 60 to 100 works of contemporary art alongside works by Picasso. In September 2016 the Yuz Museum will do a show of Adel Abdessemed, and March 2017 will bring to Shanghai a show of the artist known as Kaws, a collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art in Fort Worth, Texas.

Tek said the Rain Room‘s ultimate destination will be Bali where he is soon to build an art complex. “We’ll call it rain room in a rainforest,” he said.

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