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Art Basel Hong Kong Announces ‘Encounters’ Sector



It’s the beginning of February, one of the twelve cruelest months of the year, notable especially as the time when the winter malaise of January gives way to incipient cabin fever, producing strange irrationalities, colored by thoughts like, “Maybe I should just go to Penn Station and catch the next train going south and get out of here for good without so much as leaving a note to say goodbye to my former life, which has only brought me–in its more tolerable moments–suffering, an unremarkable pain that I’ve come to appreciate if only for its relief from the numb boredom that defines the rest of my waking hours.” Then the snow sets in and the wind kicks up and you realize the only way to escape that familiar melancholy is to let it fully consume you, to erase your very being like a wave crashing up against dry land that drags everything in its path with it back to sea. I no longer fear death. For I have lived through a February, and I have stood at the gates of hell and felt nothing but indifference.

Plus we have all these art fairs to look forward to! Art Basel Hong Kong runs March 15-17! (And that’s right after the Armory Show, which runs March 5-8 in New York! I can’t get enough of these fucking things! Can you?) Art Basel HK announced its “Encounters” section this afternoon, which will premiere work by the following: David Claerbout, Dzine (Carlos Rolon), Taeyoon Kim, Zai Kuning, Yang Maoyuan, Dane Mitchell, Eko Nugroho, João Vasco Paiva, Shooshie Sulaiman, Gao Weigang, and Zhao Zhao, alongside previously exhibited pieces by Mikala Dwyer, Cao Fei, Siobhán Hapaska, Wang Keping, Hew Locke, Tallur L.N., Xu Longsen, Sterling Ruby, and Lee Ufan.

All this is to say: Live. Live, dearest reader. Live to see another blog post about an art fair.

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