Morning Links: Mr. Chow Edition

Mr. Chow noodles.COURTESY MR. CHOW

Mr. Chow noodles.


Mr. Chow has an art show on view in Beijing right now. Cash figures prominently in his works “because I love money,” he explains. [The New York Times]

The British Library is currently hosting a show of the only four known copies of the Magna Carta. [The New York Times]

Robert A. Stearns, the first director of The Kitchen, has died. [The Kitchen Blog]

Outside of Seoul, North Korean artists have what is likely the largest group show ever devoted to the country. [The Wall Street Journal]

Artist Nick Cave has organized a parade through Shreveport, Louisiana. [The Art Newspaper]

The Hayward Gallery in London has installed a Cold War missile launcher outside of its building for its exhibition “History Is Now.” [The Guardian]

The New York Times writes on the assorted pickaxe salesmen of the art gold rush, like Uovo. [The New York Times Magazine]

The heads of the Culture Shed, Pier 55, and Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center all come from England. Three’s a trend! [The Wall Street Journal]

Leigh Morse, former director to Lawrence Salander, still owes her victims $1.2 million. [New York Post]

In search of the perfect photograph of a plane flying in front of a full moon. [The New York Times]

Throwback! Mr. Chow on Alex Israel’s show As It Lays. [Purple Television]

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