Here Are the 6,430 Works That the National Gallery of Art Is Acquiring From the Corcoran

Anne Truitt, Insurrection, 1962.COURTESY NGA/CORCORAN VIA GREG.ORG

Anne Truitt, Insurrection, 1962.


Today the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., released a list of works it is acquiring from the Corcoran Gallery of Art, which voted last year to dissolve after years of financial woes. The list is massive, numbering some 6,430 objects and 1,170 pages. As a PDF file, rich with thumbnails of the works, it is 69.9 megabytes. Randy Kennedy of The New York Times has a thorough report on what the NGA is taking on, and the six-month process that led to this announcement, and he notes that more works will still be acquired since NGA curators are still hard at work looking through the Corcoran’s collection.

You can have a look at the acquisitions below, where the list is embedded. As you’ll see, the NGA is taking on some impressive work. The Corcoran’s Rothko? Check. How about its Bob Thompsons? The NGA has added three. Anne Truitt? Two sculptures, two paintings on paper, and one painting. How about Reginald Marsh? Fourteen. Sam Gilliam? Eight.

Since the process is ongoing, it is not safe to say what has been definitively excluded. That will be a more awkward list, if the museum actually releases one. Pieces not added to the NGA will be offered to other D.C. museums, then museums in the region, and finally other museums in the United States.

The List

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