Armory Week 2015 Graphics Market

Just How International Is The Armory Show?


The Armory Show, which opens its 17th edition in New York next Wednesday, bills itself as “a leading international contemporary and modern art fair.” But just how international is it? We looked at where its exhibitors are based, and discovered that 48 percent are American, 10.3 percent of the exhibitors are from the United Kingdom, 9.4 percent are based in Germany, and 6.9 percent are from France. You can see the rest of the breakdown in the accompanying graph.

While we were at it, we also had a look at The Art Show, the annual art fair of the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA), which also takes place next week. The ADAA is a national organization, but it turns out its fair is heavily centered on New York, with 79.5 percent of dealers based in the Big Apple. The two other largest contingents—from Los Angeles and San Francisco—account for only 5.5 percent each. (A note on methodology: we counted each gallery only once in each fair; in the case of galleries with multiple locations, we went with their main headquarters.) Perhaps all this really tells us is that New York, by virtue of volume of galleries alone, is still the de facto center of the American art world, or at least the art market.

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