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Who Is Drake’s Friend at Sotheby’s?



“I’ve got enemies, got a lot of enemies,” Drake rapped on his recent mixtape, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. These enemies apparently do not work for Sotheby’s, which has tapped Drake to pick music to play at listening stations during an upcoming exhibition at the auction house’s private sales gallery in New York.

One might go so far as to say that Drake has a friend at Sotheby’s. I’m being serious here, folks! Drake apparently has a literal friend who works at Sotheby’s! According to The New York Times: “The idea for the Drake collaboration came through a personal connection within Sotheby’s contemporary art department, and he is not being paid, Sotheby’s said.”

Who is this well-placed friend? Is Drake looking for another friend? I mean, I just sort of assumed he wasn’t, but Drake, if you’re reading this, which you aren’t (because I already know that going online isn’t part of your day!), allow me to just throw my hat in the ring here.

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