Morning Links: Leonardo da Vinci Edition

Presumed self-portrait by Leonardo da Vinci. COURTESY WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Presumed self-portrait by Leonardo da Vinci.


It’s Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday today, and the biggest exhibition of his works since 1939, “Leonardo 1452-1519,” opens at the Palazzo Reale this month, coinciding with the Milan Expo 2015. The show will include Leonardo’s paintings, drawings, sketches, manuscripts and codexes, along with contextualizing works by his peers. [The Art Newspaper]

An interview with Tania Bruguera, whose performance art piece, “Tatlin Whisper #6,” was staged in New York and L.A. on Monday in support of her detainments in Cuba. She asks people to boycott the upcoming Havana Biennial. [The Art Newspaper]

The Santa Monica Museum of Art will be leaving Bergamot Station in Santa Monica and working out of new offices in Century City. [Artforum]

Rafaël Rozendaal’s “Haiku” at Postmasters Gallery in New York. [Contemporary Art Daily]

Artist Megumi Igarashi (also known as Rokudenashiko), who was first arrested for distributing 3D ‘vagina selfies’ last July, is now on trial for obscenity in Japan. [The Guardian]

There was a protest at the new Whitney Museum last night. Activists from groups such as  Occupy Museums and Occupy the Pipeline met on the street in front of the museum at 11 p.m. for a performance art demonstration about a natural gas pipeline that runs next to the $422 million building and its art collection. Slogans projected onto the museum’s walls said things like “Warning! High Pressure Gas Line,” and “Fracked Gas Line Museum.” [The New York Times]

Artist Rick Wolff is creating a new font inspired by Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo, called “Hillvetica.” [USA Today] 

The art scene in Chinatown is growing. [New York Observer]

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