Frieze New York 2015

I Am The Walrus: Joanna Malinowska Sculptures at CANADA

Joanna Malinowska Walrus Sculpture At Frieze

Joanna Malinowska Walrus Sculpture At Frieze.


“There’s nothing else like it at the fair,” CANADA’s Phil Grauer said in regards to the Polish artist Joanna Malinowska’s trilogy of touching walrus sculptures at their Frieze booth. “I think it’s called three walruses fucking but I’m not sure.”

The three walruses kind of look like beanbag chairs, the type children and hippies love to sit in. They are splayed out on top of each other in a way that kind of reminds me of those drug-fueled “cuddle puddles” that happen at raves.

“I think it’s post-coital,” Grauer said. “I don’t think they’re doing it right now, I think they’re just chilling after. It’s a three-way.” The walruses are vinyl bags stuffed with newspaper, which Grauer was quick to point out was filled “only with the real estate section of The New York Times, not the art section.”

“She’s a conceptual artist,” he added.

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