Breaking: Gagosian Wears Sneakers To Cannes Premiere

Larry Gagosian. DAVID CROTTY/

Larry Gagosian.


Big news today from France: Page Six reports that the art dealer Larry Gagosian was momentarily turned away from the Cannes premiere of Rooney Mara’s film “Carol.” The reason? He was wearing a pair of sneakers, a breach in the festival’s strict black tie dress policy. Thankfully, film producer Harvey Weinstein was on hand to let the dealer in, thinly skirting a crisis of cinematic proportions.

According to Page Six, a witness saw Gagosian looking “downtown cool” in a tux paired with designer sneakers before being withheld entry by security guards. The dealer quickly dialed Weinsten, who sorted everything out and Gagosian was eventually admitted. The film received the longest standing ovation of the festival.

Close call for Gagosian!

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