Director of the Met Thanks LG Electronics for Lowering Height of New Headquarters

Rendering of LG Englewood. COURTESY LG ELECTRONICS

Rendering of LG Englewood.


Thomas P. Campbell, the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, released a statement today thanking LG Electronics for its decision to lower the height of its proposed new headquarters in Englewood Cliffs. An earlier plan had drawn the ire of some critics who said that it would destroy the pristine beauty of the area.

What does the Met have to do with an electronics company headquarters in New Jersey? The Cloisters, which the Met runs, overlooks the section of the Palisades where the new headquarters will be built.

Here’s the letter in full:

More than half a century ago, the Rockefeller family donated pristine land on both sides of the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey to make sure it remained free of obstructive development for the enjoyment of all future citizens. Today, LG’s hearteningly responsible decision to lower the height of its planned new headquarters in Englewood Cliffs ensures that this remarkable natural wonder will endure unscathed—without inhibiting corporate expansion in New Jersey.

On behalf of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was the original beneficiary of the Rockefeller philanthropy when first bestowed, and whose branch museum, The Cloisters, will now be able to continue offering visitors glorious views of the Palisades, we thank the community, environmental, and heritage groups who have so strongly supported this much-needed compromise. We express particular gratitude to the corporate citizens who lead LG for acting with such sensitivity to demonstrate that business interests, the environment, and culture can all continue to thrive in harmony on these historic shores.

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