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Jamian Juliano-Villani Gets the Art21 Video Treatment

Jamian Juliano Villani, Wavy Fox, 2013.


Art21, an independent non-profit arts organization, has just released a profile of Jamian Juliano-Villani as part of its online documentary series “New York Close Up.” The piece, which was posted online yesterday, captures the 27-year-old painter in her Bedford-Stuyvesant studio talking about her art, smoking a few cigarettes, and working. “That one painting I did with the wavy fox,” she says at one point, “that’s fucking me.” (It’s pictured at right.)

Juliano-Villani also likens her pieces to friends in the video. “I have this obsessive relationship with my work and the way that I work,” she says. “I care about [my paintings] and they care about me.” Readers may recall that the artist appeared in the June issue of ARTnews, discussing gender in the art world. The full video follows below.

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